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theta data systems is comprised of a team of professionals with a wide skill and experience base. Each team member has over 25 years experience in both traditional computer systems, software design and implementation, web-based Internet systems and electronic commerce. Our depth of experience allows us to stably assist our clients and optimize their computing investments as well as identify and fix existing problems and identify new areas to assist the expansion of their products or services.

Founded in 1984 by Raymond E. Korns (an original alumni of Atari) theta data systems pioneered early wireless networking and information distribution. The early years also saw development of imaging technologies, digital document storage, software standards formation and computer telephony (CTI). More recently, theta data systems has worked on middleware integration of legacy systems, electronic commerce via the Internet and VoIP technologies all Unix/Linux based. Our most recent international web project set up approximately 3,400 pages of streaming video subscription content and other downloadable digital information content.

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Through our years of experience and success with both traditional and online software models, the team at theta data systems brings a unique mix of stability and integrity to the software development industry. We know that our success depends upon the success of our clients. We have a very personal approach to our business and take pride in building long and lasting relationships with our clients.